Thursday, October 23, 2008

GOD is in my Chocolate

* For Kids…..

GOD is in my Chocolate

Hi !

This mail shares my curiosity on why I call our world ‘A GOD made world ‘and not man made. This is not any clarification or explanation to GOD’s existence or conflict to people who do not believe in GOD, but the sole motive is to completely wipe out self made devil MONSTERS like FEAR, PAIN , DOUBT ,SELFISH EGO etc. that creates problems & barriers for all of us.

Well , as a kid I had read a story where I got fascinated by the idea that there was a house made of chocolate. That house had everything made of chocolate………Chocolate in different forms and shapes…. Chocolate that had a shape of a TV , Refrigerator, Dining table, Chairs , floor, terrace etc. This chocolate house existed even before I was born and I wished that it should remain even after I leave this world ,so that everyone who comes to this world can enjoy chocolates.Further, to the ‘Chocolate House’ I used to visualize……. as a kid , if I can live only on these chocolates in a ‘chocolate made world.’

As and when I grew … my craze for chocolates did not stop and the ‘chocolate world’ was still residing in my fade memory …. The thought of a chocolate world soon slept in some corner of my sub conscious mind.

Time passed by picture of ‘The world of chocolates ‘ had actually been cornered by different shades of life. In quest of finding out real meaning of what the world is all about I had my own set of experiences.What is this world made of ??? Why some find this world as easy and some find it tough?? Some find it beautiful and some call it as a selfish world???

Over and above these questions we have been asking on why these relative differences have occurred …. we still wonder on a biggest quest of life ‘ IS World (the planet where we reside ) GOD made or simply man made - for the efforts we put in ???’

I have received different answers from different people. Ranging from :

1. By an atheist : Some Logical reasoning to support his mindset - World is made of tangibles and non tangibles and every action performed has a scientific relative theory behind it ; it that has a particular outcome because of some complex calculation or equation by nature ……But only you are the singleton performer …..of the results you get.

Punchline : There is NO GOD , but only MAN…who exists.

2.By a common man : We are here to earn money and that is the only security we have.No doubt …..if you have money the world admires you ,else rejects you.The world is made by the money you earn.

Punchline : Who Cares ?? wether GOD or MAN , makes the world.

3.By Spiritual gurus : They define it as two worlds - physical and spiritual. Dual existence of world in terms of - Matter and Spirit.You have to fight out your way to move out of that physical realm and make a shift towards a philosophically correct spiritual jet aircraft that can take you miles at the highest speed of ecstasy towards your only goal of self realization or salvation.

Punchline : Man has to move towards GOD.

But………… what’s the fact ‘Is this a Man Made World or a GOD Made World.??’

Keeping things short and simple


…. written specially for u.

To begin with ,I have been living on a supernatural support system or power or energy Example The air I breathe in, the sun’s rays that fall on my world every day and keeps me awake, the energy that allows my world to spin crazily on its axis round and round the SUN to keep the life cycle on…. And this has been happening before I was born and shall remain for millions of years…… for every single being and man in this world….. This support system is designed by some power or energy …..I call this power as ‘An Energy – GOD’. Soon , I found from my various observations in life ( including above generic examples ) that ‘An Energy – GOD’ has been transforming itself into different forms and shapes to take care of me & all of us.

The ‘Chocolate world’ I loved as a kid and I had visualized was suddenly becoming a reality. Name, chocolate itself has been giving me immense joy & pleasure .But the real world taught me …..that I have to call Chocolate by a new name ‘An Energy - GOD’.My wish to live on chocolates in reality taught me that instead I have been living on ‘An Energy – GOD’. I realized the ‘World of Chocolates ‘ I dreamt of …… in real world is the ‘World of An Energy called - GOD’.

This truly signifies the fact that the house I am living in has everything made of GOD.Example The refrigerator I use that serves me cool - cold drinks so selflessly ,is made of GOD….the microwave oven cooks me food instantly and whenever I want …is made of GOD etcectra , etcectra…..So chocolates or GOD has taken different shapes and forms selflessly for me in this world & IS ready to work for me….all around me…….these things made of GOD have been taking care of my small-small needs also…..

….and I AM HAPPY !!!

Now,I feel lot of respect for everything around me and in turn feel that I should also take care of everything made of GOD as they simply serve me no matter how I react still, they work with the same intent to serve selflessly.

BUT, why man destroys even the smallest thing made of GOD and disrespect it ,misuse it ,create chaos.? One answer, Simply because he lives in a selfish ego that he made it and he can play with it the way he wants.The devil MONSTER awakes within and man makes his own MAN MADE WORLD.

With time I have learnt different traits of people who live in GOD MADE WORLD & those who live in MAN MADE WORLD.These traits are :

Chocolate or GOD MADE WORLD :
Works on unconditional Love , clean Faith, Joy in Surrender to selfless living or job.That is complete focus on your work without hurting anyone.

If you miss the qualities of work mentioned in GOD MADE WORLD then you have feelings of fear , doubts,pain,hatred,jealousy,selfish ego etc.

Chocolate or GOD MADE WORLD :
Things fall in place for you automatically. Life is streamlined automatically.You can never struggle.Even earning money is easier or comfortable.

You have to fight hard to overcome barriers. These barriers have been self made.

Chocolate or GOD MADE WORLD :
Gives you maturity to understand how to respond , tackle and handle with different people who are living in MAN MADE WORLD.

Leaves you with confused or destructive state of mind.

Chocolate or GOD MADE WORLD :
As GOD is energy , just for example nuclear energy,which can be used to create light or electricity for our welfare ,prosperity and well being of all.

On ,other hand same nuclear energy…. we may disrespect it by using it for making nuclear bombs creating fear,pain ,doubt,authority .

……………….As a person I dislike it.

You decide in which world you live in.MAN’s world or GOD’s world?

I love and enjoy my chocolate world.


Everything is made of GOD as sages say in HOLY scriptures – Omnipresence of GOD….Does that mean everything is GOD ? YES.

He IS whatever there IS ,only one 1.He IS whatever there IS NOT ,only zero 0.He IS what he IS NOT.That means my chocolate or GOD is one 1 and zero 0. It reminds me of what I learnt in school that computer works on 1s and 0s that is why computer is perfect.

My chocolate or GOD IS not only ‘1′ or IS NOT only zero ‘0′ but even if I divide this 1 chocolate or GOD into zero parts (that is try and divide it into what he IS NOT or by zero or divide it into nothing )…… it will maintain its original form of ‘Infinity’ as one divided by zero is infinity.

1/0 = Infinity.

So I learnt my one 1 chocolate or GOD even if divided by MAN in what he IS NOT that is zero , ……he will remain infinitely big. And I can still enjoy it.


How I learnt or realized this story ,is very interesting ??? I met a MAN who was in need and could not buy or have chocolates for himself …I did not know what was the reason he was not having chocolates ………or he had chocolates but was not able to have it ……since I had chocolates ,I shared chocolates with him.The movement he had these chocolates , he said with immense joy -

“I wish if this world was made of Chocolates I would enjoy it everyday”.

It reminded me of ‘my chocolate world’.

Punchline : Share chocolates with those who are in Need …it spreads joy ,soon you will realize the importance of chocolates…..all around you.

Happy Living!!!!

*…….& for grown ups.


Paras Kochhar

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